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Surviving social distancing one book at a time face mask


Our preview also included Legion Online's endgame content, known as a Tactical Ops mission. While the vigilante cooperative mission included a couple of different steps, where we had to infiltrate a second location using information we gleaned from our rescue, it wasn't nearly as involved as the Tac-Ops mission we attempted. This is content where planning, quick thinking, and teamwork are essential.

Our mission involved several military drones that had gone haywire, attacking anyone alive in a certain stretch of London. The trouble was, the drones were invulnerable to attack. In order to find a way to take them down, we had to sneak through the streets, avoiding the patrolling drones, in order to hack certain bits of machinery to try to gain some intelligence about how we might eventually deal with the killing machines.

So the first part of the mission involved stealth, something at which our team failed miserably. We eventually got around the tough sneaking portion by piling aboard a construction drone and flying above the patrollers, dropping down to download the info from our objective before flying away. But that only got us halfway to our goal; the next step required getting close to the drones and hacking them in order to render them vulnerable. In order to do it, we had to be on the ground--a fact we only discovered after a lot of trial and error.

Our team never got much farther than that; we failed again and again as the killer drones descended on us. Tac-Ops in Watch Dogs: Legion Online is reminiscent of high-level live game content like Destiny 2's raids or The Division's Dark Zones, where your whole squad has to be on their toes. Missions are lengthy, tough, and seemingly full of specialized objectives and mechanics. Most of all, though, you'll need to be communicative and cooperative, and you're going to want to bring your A-game and your best hacker pals to Legion Online's toughest content.




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