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Working in my new studio/office/bedroom in a shared house in Easton, Bristol, where I live with my 10-year old daughter.

How has the pandemic affected your studies?

In terms of space, the pandemic affected me a lot, as I didn't have a studio at home before. As I don't own this house, I wasn't able to use shared spaces or living areas for working.

Surprisingly, doing my last MA module while homeschooling back in spring did not affect my mental health. We got a lot of outdoor time every day, as we worked on our allotment. I finished all my assessments, as I wasn't working part-time.

The autumn and winter lockdown are so much heavier though. Afternoons are dark, so we don't spend much time outdoors, which means meeting fewer people in the flesh. My motivation went down this January as I'm finishing my final project on my own; got no more tutorials, lectures or anything from uni, which makes you feel even more disconnected.

What do you miss?

Shared working places/studios! Even though you work on your solo project, you still share with others, get feedback and motivation. Even in disasters, you're not alone! Overall you get more perspective and are able to evaluate your work better. All of that is difficult to transfer through web meetings. What I miss the most, as a person and not a student, is libraries.

How are you finding working remotely?

As a final year MA student, we haven't got lecturers during the pandemic. We would have scheduled tutorials; then occasionally group ones, which ones were really nice, giving me some feeling of belonging to Bath Spa University and the study. Our biggest challenge throughout the year was not sharing the textile material with our tutors – fabrics are meant to be touched! It must be very difficult for them to assess our work.

What are you working on?




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