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What the joyriding teens apparently don’t understand is this is a ride that could ruin their lives.

A 15-year-old boy, one of four alleged carjackers, faces a murder charge for the tragic slaying of retired Chicago firefighter Dwain Williams during a carjacking in Morgan Park.

On Tuesday night, police arrested two 19-year-olds and two 15-year-olds during a traffic stop on the West Side after a carjacking in Noble Square.

Two other carjackings occurred that same night in different parts of the city.

The city has been lucky.

In each incident since Williams’ tragic death, the armed offenders drove off with vehicles that owners had surrendered without a fight, something that the Police Department urges motorists do.

“Give up the vehicle. Don’t get into an argument. People are irreplaceable. Try to remember as much about the suspect — the color of shoes, clothing, any distinctive markings, hat or tattoo. With COVID, everyone’s wearing masks, and that makes it more difficult.

Motorists should also be aware of what police call the “bump and run.”

“What happens is that someone is driving and is rear-ended. When they get out to look at the vehicle, someone in the other vehicle gets out and steals the victim’s vehicle,” Ludwig said.

“You have to be aware and trust your instincts. If you are going to park your car and something doesn’t feel right, go around one more time and look for a different parking spot,” he said.

And here’s a no-no that should be common sense, but, well, many of us do it — parking the car and looking at our cell phones.

“You drown out the rest of the world. That is an opportunity for someone to sneak up in your blind spot. Park your car and go inside and take care of whatever you’re doing someplace else,” Ludwig advised.

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