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What do you miss?

I miss the structure of getting up and dressed for university, I miss my daily walk to university too. I miss my classmates and gaining inspiration from their work too, I also miss socialising as some days pass at home where I find myself not speaking for hours and hours.

How are you finding remote studying?

Online teaching at the start was very different. I found it awkward and a strange way of learning. However, workshops online have been successful and it adds a bit of structure to my days too, knowing there are workshops at certain times when I can just focus on those.

What are you working on?

I am currently working on my knitwear project called Katie which was originally inspired by Grayson Perry's illustrative ceramic plates. I am creating a knitted accessory and clothing collection with an illustrative twist.

Name: Isabel Hurley

Age: 24

From: Cheltenham, England

Course: MA Visual Communication

Year: Level 7 (MA)

Instagram: @isabelhurleyart

Where are you now?

I live in rural Gloucestershire near the Forest of Dean. I moved out of university accommodation over Christmas and now work in an office turned studio in the garden of my parents' house.

How has the pandemic affected your studies?

I've had to be increasingly digital in my practice and general way of life. Missing out on inspiration from learning new skills in workshops, engaging with technicians, going on study trips, mixing with other courses and using the library. Without being able to go out and see things it is difficult. I enjoy solitude so it hasn't affected me that much but realise I have to be very self-motivated every day.





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